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Trisha, age 33 has send me these questions. We are in the 3′rd round of the Eharmony ‘guided communication’. These are canned questions – you choose 3 from 50 canned questions (or you can write your own). I want to hear from you guys but for now here are my answers and some thoughts
> Q1: Looking back on your life, of what are you most proud?
> Answer: I don’t know, Trisha, why don’t you go first
> thoughts: I closed a EH match a few minutes ago when she asked this question

“I don’t know”, automatically smells of insecurity or uncertainty.

Shoving a question back like that isn’t great, unless you don’t mind being perceived as just a dick, or someone really offended you.
Answer that one honestly.
Don’t you have at least one incredibly cool thing in your life that you are proud of ?

> Q2: Why did you join eHarmony?
> Answer: I joined to find my soulmate
> thoughts: I am really here just honing my basic dating skills

This is the problem with eHarmony. It shoves people into the god damn marriage mindset. Women have that going into that crap site.
There is no greatest answer for this one, because unless you REALLY are looking to get married, everything else is a lie.
Then you get to start stacking lies.
Ready for it ?

> Q3: Are you doing what you love? If not, what would you rather be doing?
> Answer: No, My current business is just part of my 5 year plan toward bigger things.
> Thoughts: A job is a job. That’s why they call it a job.

You better be a masterfully good liar for this one.
Because if you connect with one woman, who presses for further and further exploration of it, your lies are going to trip you and devour you.

Good “Answer”, but bad “Thought”…….and not just for dating.
If you are not doing what you love in life, then you need to change what you are doing.
Easier said than done sometimes —- I know this better than anyone.
But if you aren’t currently doing what you love, at least make baby steps to it.
Instead of spending that Saturday or Sunday on the couch dicking around with Cheetos and football, spend 2 or 3 hours towards your vision.

Quintin is right as always — everything is about discipline. Nothing worth a damn is possible without it, and anything already built collapses if it wavers.

Make yourself a real 5 year plan, and have the discipline to push forward with it.

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